Papa louie 2 when burgers attack level 4

papa louie 2 when burgers attack level 4

Papa Louie 2 Ep.6 Let's Rescue Georgito! Tricky Gaming. Loading. . Papa Louie 2: When Burgers. Papa Louie 2: When Burgers Attack! is the sequel to Papa Louie: When Pizzas Nearing the end of Level 4 where you go rescue Foodini, there is an onion. PAPA LOUIE 2: WHEN BURGERS ATTACK! / Level 4. papa louie 2 when burgers attack level 4 There will be a burgerzilla on a pretzel ledge up there. Need help or stuck on the game Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack? I'm more concerned about the last Burgzilla though. Characters Papa Louie Allan Cooper Prudence Doan Rico Gremmie. If you jump from the right-most jellyback, then use your glide, you will find a sausage platform that can be used to get the coins. Farine-Elie, you use the glide skill. I think the worst is connor's basketball. List of Mobile Games. Release Date June 5, Contents [ show ]. Use the [arrow] keys to move and jump, and the [spacebar] to attack. Thanks heaps, the advice worked! The melee characters like Rita and Akari are just not strong. It's on Stage 3. I cannot for the life of me get past. Submit www.spielen game now and if it's awesome enough, we will publish it here at ArcadeCabin.

Papa louie 2 when burgers attack level 4 Video

Papa Louie 2 When Burgers Attack Level 4 Your Favorite Games edit add. But when you haven't gone You don't have to jump on him to defeat him, just to hit him three times. Ride the second one down as far as you can and you'll notice some crackers on the right side. The first video footage of the game is shown.




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